Tuesday, 14 June 2016

FINAL COLOUR CHOICE: Adore the Aspen colour....

 But thinking Cotton rather than Wool/Acrylic for this Belinda Flower Wrap

 Love the colour, the Aspen in particular is a real favourite, I have a dress in exactly this colour, but thinking a cotton version as it's a summer dress. 

So I'm going to finish this one as a cowl to wear in the Autumn/Winter and re make it in cottons. The lilac one above is in cotton, and has more stitch definition too and would be more wearable with my Summer linen dress in the same colour. Just hope I can find a colour that is the same as Aspen in cotton?

I will also drop the dark grey and replace it with a silver grey like this one in the middle of the picture
slightly more summery feel to the silver grey, I think

Excuse the dressing gown! Having a little try out to see if another 5 motifs would make it big enough for a cowl so at least it will be finished and wearable, until i can re-make it in cotton 

Almost finished....

 I did experiment a little as I was making this project, with the shade of pink, the grey and the aspen with Aqua....decided that the silver grey, clover, zing and aspen were the colours I liked best

 We had a great day at The Craft Room Shrewsbury yesterday, lots of natter though, not so much knitting and crochet. It's going to be a wonderful go to place for all sorts of craft materials and a great place to drop in and have a chat with like minded friends.I know we should have left about 4 but we were chatting so much they left us and eventually kicked us out at 5! I have claimed a chair for next time I drop in.....

Thanks The Craft Room Shrewsbury for an awesome day

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