Friday, 24 February 2017

Spinning Top Blanket BORDER?

Having agreed to do probably a little more than I could manage this month, the Spinning Top Blanket, hasn't been completed as quickly as i had hoped..... 

I now have 6 blocks together and think that 6 blocks would also makes a fabulous blanket too, so now we have 4, 6, 9 or 12 blocks as options for a blanket, all with different uses.

I don't have a place in the house specifically for this blanket so nothing to guide me...
4 Blocks: is a gorgeous baby blanket or lap blanket for your knees in a car

6 Blocks: is big enough to wrap around your shoulders or go on the bottom of a single bed or as a sofa throw
8 Blocks: would also make a fabulous wrap blanket or bed runner for the bottom of a double or king size bed.

9 Blocks: would make a big blanket that sat diagonally makes a fab cover for a double/king size bed

12 Blocks: would make a giant of a blanket for a King size bed...although the yarn pack would NOT make this size.

My Dilema is to decide which size i actually make...I had thought maybe i would stop at a 6 blocks get it finished and add the border for you all and use the other 3 blocks i have part made for a couple of square cushions so that i have a circular cushion 2 square cushions and a throw......But looking at it wrapped around me i'm thinking the big 9 block blanket is still the one i really would like to complete 

SO........ please be patient as the border will be completed as soon as i can get to it hopefully over the weekend

for now, I'm thinking 3 or 4 rows of granny shells and finish with a shell st or maybe a more lacy look and finish with 3 or 4 rows of 'v' st....

The final border rounds I'm really not sure of yet....nothing too complicated it really doesn't need it but what, a decision yet to be made.

so today i need to decide on 8 or 9 blocks, wrap blanket/bed runner or the giant square throw?




  1. Wondering why i can't find a link to the spinning wheel pattern.

    1. Hi Julia, all the previous links are added to the bottom of the post, but if you scroll through the blog they are all there or on the right hand side of the blog too? xx

  2. These are just so beautiful! :)

  3. Susan,
    I see the color sequence for blue/green and yellow/red, but was wondering if there is a list for the peachy/green version? Those seem to be MY colors!!

    1. Hi Cathy, they are all different randomly picked for the set colour pack everyone is different, I left the pick to each individual xx

  4. Hi Susan, I am going to get my kit from Lorimar today for this but i also want to do the scrap hexi. Oh and about 101 other things lol.
    My dilemma is so annoying my vision is poor. I know I have mentioned this before but oh my I'm struggling now my left eye is totally blind and my right eye 40%. Will it kill the design if i hook the wrong colour? I love to crochet and yes I can in the dark! But reading the patterns are a nightmare. Do you have any tips at al. I have such a knowledge built up over the years and I am beginning to loose my confidence. Thanks take care Lo xx

    1. Hi Lorraine, sorry to hear your sight isn't was good as it used to be. Definitely not a problem to create your own colour combo's, all the 9 blocks are different and other have done their own colour combo's too so have fun with the colours. Is there any way of 'seeing' the colours with tags, coloured boxes, something like that may be? Could someone help you work out a colour sequence/marker for each colour so you could work out which colour is which, to help with your choices? Good Luck, so long as you use equal amounts of each colour so the pack makes a blanket thats all you really need to do xx

  5. Today I came to this blog just by clicking through images on Pinterest I think it was and I am so happy I found this!! Such a beautiful pattern!!! I can hardly wait to start with it so I will go and look if I can find a list of colors used. The one right above the pattern links I like best so I will go for that one.
    Thank you so must for this gorgeous pattern!! Hugs, Jolanda