Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentines day: Tapestry Stitch for beginners

Tapestry Stitch Hearts
 sc [dc] top and dc [tr] bottom

dc [tr] for the long heart
 same pattern different stitch

sc [dc], for the more rounded heart shape
basic colour change as you make the last st, of first colour, carry the first yarn through the second colour stitches, repeat the colour change to complete the heart.

Flowers done in the same way 

 half make the stitch
 complete the stitch with the next colour
 you can see how each stitch is then in the correct colour

Learn to colour change then you can create more intricate patterns following a chart, just like a cross stitch pattern

In fact cross stitch patterns if you use sc [dc], are very useful in crochet tapestry stitch.

 Some simple but effective designs worth trying when you first begin

Basic tapestry stitch flowers always look good layered 
use as many colours as you like..but be aware they need to be carried with ib the stitches and too many in a round can be very bulky to crochet over. Loved this tiny piece but it was just too many yarns in one round needed a re think on the number of colours in one round.

simple shaped letters work well as a beginners experiment  a sheet of graph paper, some coloured pencils and you can design your own simple graph to follow

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