Tuesday 21 February 2017

Part 2: Camper Coat

Hope you have made progress and been able to decide on your yarn and colour, unlike me!

I changed my mind about using the Daisy Flower Granny below, for my coat...

its a motif i've used on and off for years and just felt it wasn't right after all for my coat, so i set about redesigning a new motif that i would be far happier with, nothing wrong with the motif from yesterday just not for me this time.

This is the new motif I decided was just right for my coat
I will be using one or two more centre colours, this is only a photographic mock up to see what it might look like

I also tried it in a pale grey shade
Love both so I might be making 2 or maybe one as jacket and one as a blanket.

several options from lots of brights the original coat to just a few colours to almost neutral shade of grey.


Finger wrap of 4 wraps
Round 1: 12sc into circle, sl st, to complete, cut off and weave in end

Round 2: ch4, counts as first dc, ch2 sp, dc, into next st ch2, repeat until you have 12 'spokes', cont.

Round 3: ch2, counts as first dc, 2dc, ch3, 3dc, into first sp, *2dc in next 2 sps, 3dc, ch3, 3dc, in next sp, repeat, from * to end, sl st to complete, cut off and weave in end.

Using a sl st  between the side spa, and replace the middle ch st with a sl st into the previous square as below

dk or aran could be used for this motif
the charcoal grey is dk and looks more 'open' than the pale grey which is in aran, all the centres are in dk

Links to the original coat and link to the Alpaca version patterns in part 1.

Next post for the coat will be in a week.

Decide on you yarn colour and do the first row of the motif you have picked to fit you. 
If you are happy with you first row then continue to make the rows as this first row will be the hem of the coat.


  1. I settled on a combo of acrylic for the center and cotton for the rest of the square. My centers are copper colored (Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn) and the cotton is a variegated cream-camel-silver Isaac Mizrahi yarn I've hoarded for a few years now. My climate's too warm to make something all wool. It's coming together beautifully! Thanks!