Thursday 22 June 2017

Another Book 1 Granny Squares update option

A Slightly modified pattern from page 116 of my book 1 Granny Squares book... with a more lacy join for a totally different look to the square. Made in pastel shade of several brands of stone washed yarn and a  4mm hook

Differences from book: start with my favourite finger wrap 
4dc clusters instead of 3dc.

Use 2 colours for each square.


Round 4: Corners of 3dc ch3 3dc, ch7 sides, join in corners and 4th ch on sides as a sl st. 

Round 4: Corners of 3dc ch3 3dc, ch7 sides.
Round 5: 3dc, ch3 3dc, in corners and both side space, worked over the ch7 of round 3, repeat for each side.

make the centre motif with a finger wrap and 4dc clusters for round 3

Round 4: att. second col. in any sp, ch5 sc in next sp, repeat to end
Round 5: 6dc ch3 picot in corner 6dc sc in next ch5 sp, ch5, sc in next ch5 sp, repeat 

 Love the centre pattern using this method. Join as you go using the 

Always Love the secondary lacy patterns that appear when you join 4 or more together 

My second Book Granny Squares and Shapes has been short listed for the Lets knit awards if you feel you have enjoyed the book and would like to vote for me, I would love to have book 2 with an award too....Thanks xx


  1. Cute on trend edgings Sue. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Linda, yes funny how a new edging can change the look and bring it up to date doesn't it? x

  2. Hi where can i find the patten for the squares i would love to make a scarf with them they are really nice