Monday, 6 May 2019

Free Form Trellis wrap/cowl

Still doing a huge sort out and came across this 

 Festival FF Trellis wrap 

Remember these from 2015?

I'd forgotten i added some to a FF Trellis wrap, its got popped into the sample box to be discovered at a later date...

Diamond Festival Bunting..didn't know what to do with them really in 2015, another sample, [hundreds in my 20+ sample boxes], part made into a wrap/scarf
I had forgotten all about adding them to a Free Form Trellis wrap also only part made
enough to finish it...came to light because of the FF Trellis wrap in Hayfield Spirit..seem also discontinued..i really do need a sort out don't i?

But its says on Ravelry this Wendy Festival Chunky yarn is  still available but its years old so you might find it a little difficult to find now but such a pretty yarn


Hayfield Spirit FF Trellis wrap with flower trim

Funny how you repeat favourite shapes and patterns, this is the one I started months ago and never completed...same FF Trellis pattern dk no chunky as above and a 48 base chain in stead of a 68 for the find the yarn is out of stock everywhere...nooo!
Although i think you can still get it in chunky...looks like a cowl not a wrap then and i finish the Festival version..lots of that in the stash

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