Monday, 15 December 2008


New texture in the ALTERED BOARD BOOK....loving this think l'm gettng the hang of textured background pages the way the added layers make them evolve and appear

could be frost or looks a bit like coral too

The winning hat.....doubles as a table decoration too

Sorry you missed the Christmas party yesterday Jane and Leona too l hear...hope you both have a brill Christmas anyway

Thanx for a wonderful day Sarah and her team......had a great time and l won the hat comp Thanx SARAHS CARDS for yet another fabulous crop..hope to cya in January but l think l'll give the M6 a miss......yet another accident on the way home!!


  1. Not another accident! Glad I went the other way

  2. Yep there was so l got onto the A49 as fast as poss so probably followed you home lol

  3. I love this Christmas party post a lot. That winning hat with cute decorations is looking amazing. We also would be hosting a decent outdoor party for our son’s birthday and thinking to add loads of games and contests in it. The party would be held at one of the rental event venues in Chicago. Now thinking to make such a winning DIY hat as well.