Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Wonderful afternoon with my lovely son....heard all about his timed run and his morning with the next army intake..he soooo cant wait to go now....was a geriatric recruit hehe at 24 but held his own was in the 1st 3 or 4 for run time at 10mins 11seconds (needed to be under 12mins 45 secs) not bad for an old man lol
This the regiment he's hoping to join...
Brill evening with 2 of my bestest friends...soooooo miss the laugh a minute we had at work....have a brill Christmas both love ya both

Off to see another friend who is trying to rope me into doing a few hours voluntary work this afternoon.....see how it goes.....l'd have to learn to use a watch again if l give it a go!! lol


  1. Very handsome son Suz! He looks like to you dear!

  2. thanx Phil and about to go into the army.....
    A favourite poem..

    You are but a child, my son,
    but your shadow stands so tall.
    The things you do amaze me,
    with so many to recall.

    You are but a child, my son,
    yet you give comfort like a man,
    and the shadow of your actions,
    stands taller than you can.

    You are but a child, my son,
    but you give and give some more,
    and the love you give is greater than, a little boy could store.

    You are but a child, my son,
    yet you give all that you can.
    Which explains why in the light of day,
    You cast the Shadow of a Man.