Tuesday, 11 August 2009


JUST THOUGHT EDIT: this collage l did in April would go very nicely in the shed all pink and girly and it's a little squashed over the stairs where it hangs right now

Hows this for a shed found photo on Home Sweet Home.....a look l hope to achieve in mine soon....delivery next Monday..whey hey!!!
Bit late getting out of bed again yesterday so late going shopping the www and crochet playtime is just so much fun first thing in the morning

Wanted to look in a fabric shop l've not been in for a while..Simon Boyd in Shrewsbury and a wool shop l couldn't find last time we were there...found it on Sunday but it was closed wasn't closed yesterday though!!.....

OOOOOOPS!!!.....A huge bag of colourful yarns later and 5 metres of fabric to play with
got cracking as soon as we got back and brought my sewing machine down from the tiny work space l have now....did l say l'm excited about the new 'shed'!!! hehehe

Made a couple of rosebud pillow cases....objected to buying them for £18+ per pillow case just because the look is trendy.....made mine for about £4 each
2metres of fabric at £6 a metre and used about 2/3rds of it lots left over to make some patchwork cushions or a bag maybe..watch this space

Also made 8 basic cushion covers and again lots of bits left over to make bags or patchwork with...watch this space!! lol

Never really been into the COUNTRY LOOK before but have become a bit addicted just lately....funny though hope l found so many bits and pieces about the house to give me the look l want so not much to buy to complete this new look


  1. Hello, love your crochet, such pretty colour combinations.I'm trying to learn to crochet, can't wait to make a granny blanket! Good Luck with your shed, you've got some lovely ideas for it!
    Rachel x

  2. Hi Rubyred..thank you good luck with the crochet shout if you need any help....learn how to hold the wool is my only tip once you master that the rest is easy...u tube videos are brill too
    Did l say how excited l am about the shed hehe...soooooooo cant wait for Monday Pmacs goes up 1st then mine
    Pop back and take a look in a couple of weeks..fingers crossed
    Suz x