Tuesday, 24 November 2009


The world loved her the moment she made Simon smile and his jaw drop!!!
Love this woman went to see her in Britains Got Talent show and l've been waiting for this CD to arrive on the shelves

Got my sticky mitts on it yesterday the last copy in the super market...yeeeees!!
Straight in the car CD player on the way home
1st track had the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end and the 2nd track had me in tears...ONE FABULOUS VOICE FROM ONE FABULOUS LADY

Then l read the little booklet in side and the hand written message from Susan......

You deserve the best xx


  1. I am still debating whether or not to buy this I loved her performance on X factor the song was beautiful, Wild 'somthing or the other'! Let us know what the rest of the album is like?

  2. buy buy buy...you won' regret it fabulous album

  3. Hi Suz

    Seems like ages since i spoke to you......so busy with boring work!! Any way I saw subo on x factor and was amazed how beautiful her voice is.....I love the wild horses she has such an amazing personality too!! Will def be buying a copy when I get chance to go to shops!! Will spk prperly soon



  4. I'm with you my kids love her to what a voice. And actually all the judges were blown away. What a sweet note, I always cry when I hear her sing, she moves me that much!!!

  5. Morning all...
    Kaz hehe it does doesn't it!...not going to to auxtions miss seeing you time of year and a bit of an over spend ooops trying to cut down so not going any where at the mo....avoid the spend fairy at all costs at the mo hehe
    Hope work slows down soon...almost crocheted all my christmas cards hehe..bit different this year

    Debbiethe whole album is a bit of a tear jerker...and if you remember her story all those years and noe such a hit with the world behind her it does make you shed one or two tears....'be someone' well she's done that all right hehe
    Hugs all xx

  6. Have put on my Christmas list, my hard as nails teens think I am daft and keep taking the micky. But they too will be blown away, I imagine by SuBo's dulcet tones.

  7. Hi Vera...hehe all that happened with Susan and my son said....and l quote!!
    'who?' But l would say the same of some of his musical choices too hehehe