Thursday, 19 November 2009


FELTING YARN FLOWER..pattern at weekend Debbie centre is done over a rubber ring!!

PIANO thanks for sending the link Phivos.......adore the piano

oooh you have started a sequence of events with the rug love hehehe.....already got several more rug ideas and almost written the pattern for the centre section and the granny square of the hall rug....also decided to use the existing granny square flowers as the heavier weight made it far too big to add to the rug so made up the remaining colours and all l have to do now is stitch it together and then crochet a few more rounds to add the border...all for the weekend

Debbie....l found the cupcakes eventually!! bed so we needed to rearrange the bedroom furniture to fit it in and found the cakes in a box while tidying up........ so pattern to follow and the felted flowers were all felted so l couldn't look at them to see how l made them but l've looked at the photos and will make another and write the pattern at the weekend for you....bit of rug love to deal with right now sorry hehe.....

It will teach me to write the pattern as l make things won't it?

Forgot to say we went to see Harry Brown at the flicks on Tuesday......brilliant film if you're thinking of going and we watched the Star Trek DVD last night...wasn't sure l would like it....going backwards an all......but again a brill film


  1. Just found your blog from the comment you left on my ripple blanket on the Grannies & Ripples Blog. I can't wait to dig around and look at all your stuff! I think I recognize your picture from Ravelry and have seen your projects there? I think that's you anyway!

  2. Thanks Suz, you should make patterns for all your stuff, it's so great. Appreciate your rummaging around for the cupcakes. Looking forward to the rug pattern as well.

  3. Hi Both...
    Pammy yep could be me on Ravelry and all the same projects on there as
    Debbie thanks for waiting for the patterns..l will from now on makes life easier for me too if l want to make anything again exactly! hehe
    Hugs both x

  4. Brilliant !!!! ( AS USUAL!)
    Love that rug idea!!!

  5. Thanks Mirtooli...stated me off on another wooly journey hehe x

  6. Thank you dear Suz. Glad you liked the piano video! Kind regards.