Thursday, 14 July 2011

Crochet trim for swing seat and a bit of Acrylic yarn blending

Not quite doing it for me yet but l will get there...
Phil doesn't think l should cut up one of our quilts but just use it as throws on the swing...can see what he putting off cutting one of them in half and making it into a set of canopy and cover for now

Wanted to crochet last night, no needed to crochet, but didn't want to think too much about what l was doing.....bit of brain ache hehe
So l found a small sample of blended 100% ColourMart Merino wool, l'd done over a year ago as inspiration
Natural yarns (small sample in the middle above picture) are usually subtle shades, 
something you don't usually get from acrylics...but
 Can you tell the difference between these two pieces of crochet?
By trying a blend of 2 or 3 colours it all changes....
The picture above is a 3 strand blend of Stylecraft Acrylic compared to the 
100% merino (small sample in the front)
The colourings are subtle in both and to be honest the acrylic one is a lot softer compared to the merino and for me doesn't make me itch!

Just a tip
for anyone wanting to use acrylics...they are cheaper, softer, none itchy and if you think they aren't subtle and interesting...think again!
So don't be put off using Acrylics

and there are some quite bright colours in this sample but l don't think you would know it
from a subtle natural yarn do you?
The very first blanket l made over 45 years ago, was a giant granny square lap blanket....l remember it well, 70's colours of browns oranges and golden yellows, but in rug wool hehe
No softness there, but it was what l had and it had huge tassels on each corner
Wish l knew what had happened to it!
This blended granny square lap blanket will be another giant granny square in memory of my 1st

Have fun and give blending a go..lots of fun and interesting yarns appear from no where lol

Have a Thoughtful Thursday everyone
Don't take life too seriously. You'll never escape it alive anyway.
Hugs to all x
Just seen this group so l've joined the fun everyone is making a giant granny square blanket


  1. Blending is a great stash buster too!

  2. Love your swing seat - I want one! :) Beautiful bunting. Beat wishes, Pj x

  3. You do know how to mix that color, my friend. Now if I could just pick one to PIN... You have to figure out the PIN it button for your favorites toolbar at the top. It makes it so easy, I've been pinning away all morning. Bad, Kate, Bad, Bad Kate. I know I need to get my camera in hand and take some WIP pics.

  4. Suz, I wish I had a swing like yours then I'd go take a nap in it and forget about my craft room that needs organizing. :-)
    Hugs, Teresa

  5. I seriously want that swing, of course with all your crochet lovlieness on it. I love all the blending, I think it is so much for to try something different.
    Have a great day swinging,

  6. Lindos os teus trabalhos e misturas. Deu um toque especial a decoração. Parabéns. Bjs.

  7. I wish I had your swing on my front porch, looking exactly like yours does. It's just beautiful! I wish I had your talent too.

    Hugs XX

  8. that is so pretty! what a lovely place to sit and take in your surroundings.

  9. Love everything!!! I am allergic to wool so I always use acrylic yarns. I really like the combination of three colors yarn. What a pretty square.

  10. Very soft and pretty - thank you for sharing your technique!

  11. Me gusta mucho tu blog tienes cosas preciosas.Me he echo seguidora tuya.SALUDOS