Thursday, 2 February 2017

'V' Stitch Diagonal Cushion?

Or is it?

It certainly started out as a diagonal cushion, didn't quite complete the cushion during a day....if you're quick !

NOTES: For this 'CUSHION' i used several brands of yarn, in cream, oatmeal, grey, and graphite dk.
Worked as a double strand, using a 5mm hook
A starting base chain of 66st, base chain, which was the diagonal size of my chosen cushion, giving me 64 'v' sts, 32 each side of the base chain.

Not sure i'm totally happy with it, Im going to complete it to the required size, but it might just turn into something entirely different...?

will it be a diagonal Cushion or turn into something entirely different? 

'V' Stitch Cushion UPDATE: Feb. 2nd 2017

I've decided to make a large Holdall Type bag with this particular piece of crochet.

 But if you started following this post and wanted to make a this cushion then by following the links on this post for making a cushion, but use: 
66sts base chain, 2 strands of dk, 5mm hook, you need to do 25 rows of Close 'V' Stitch to make a cushion cover.


 Sew the two ends up about 2" [2.5cms], add the button band of sc [dc], one st in each of remaining sts, of opening,
do about 6 rows of sc [dc] in each st, turning each end. 
This will sit inside the cushion

Add 4/5 buttons and use the stitches as button holes.

Sorry i cant show you pictures as i have decided to continue to make this particular piece into a lined Holdall bag his pattern will be added after the retreat weekend at 

Poppy's Holfirth in April
Sorry the retreat booked up in 24 hours so there are no places left for this one
There are a couple of places left on the one day workshop in February I believe.

click link for more info

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