Friday, 16 March 2018

SC....and some of its options

This is post from July 2010 I found yesterday......still an interesting post though for all you newbies just starting to crochet..

l picked up my Mum's very old 'Encyclopaedia of Needlework' the other day and looked at the crochet section...such a treasured book l think Mum said she had it as a 21st Birthday present..
hugs miss ya lots 

Anyway back to the 'USE ONE STITCH'....
Using SC that's the American version.....hook though the st pull yarn though and then hook again and make the sc st.....
lots of variations to try and different stitches too but for now l thought l'd share this with you.....

First square is SC done as you would normally through the whole stitch.

 Motifs 2&3 are worked from the back so you are a bit blind doing it 
but hooked ONLY into the back half of the st, giving a lovely knobbly texture
perfect for the centre of flowers or just a lovely chunky texture to a cushion or blanket even!
This next picture is still SC again done into the back half of the stitch only but done from right to left, only so it has a back and a front....both of which are lovely looking stitches
the top one being the closes to the normal st.
the bottom photo gives more of a slanting stripe almost like an embroidery st.

2nd Option..... if you work it continuously but still into the back of the st. only
you get a ribbed almost pleated look to the piece. Isn't it fascinating, how the same stitch can be so different ? 

Love the really chunky ribbed sort of feel and look to this one
making every other row dominate and the other rows half hidden....

Just the simplest of the crochet stitches can give lots of different looks

Hope you do too?