Monday, 29 October 2018


The Cal will be in 3 stages, with 3 colour options, a formula to use your own colours and a new block joining stitch to give an additional narrow stripe to the tartan
6 colour block weight: approx. 80g

For each block you make you will need a total of 80g in 6 colours for the 36square block multiplied by the number of blocks you want to make, 
I am using 16 x 80g = approx. 1280g, plus yarn for the border

Link to previous 

11 colour block, Weight: approx 140g  9 blocks

9 blocks @ 140g will be approx. 1260g.  plus yarn for the border


  1. If I wanted to do a specific tartan, would it be best to lay it out on squared paper first? X

    1. Hi, Roxanne, sounds like a plan, and a great idea, don't try to copy a tartan too closely, just get the impression..artistic licences really, have fun x

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