Monday 1 March 2010


Great meal with fab friends on Friday night and l think Chris liked the recycled flowers..did an orange theme checked mug for her favourite tipple coffee! Orange roses and a glass candle holder and orange candle nice little grouping of orange going on there hehe

Joined a new site homes and interiors a forum for the magazine LIVING ETC if you're into interiors and decorating some great homes to look at

Sun glorious this morning so off out may visit a friend and take the charity shops in at the same time or the antiques centre...feel in need of a rummage today hehe
Lets see what l can find for next to nothing!!!!!
maybe l'll paint the next batch of recycled cardboard flowers or both if l get up and get going today.....who knows what l'll do!

Sharing this fabric from DESIGNER GUILD .....fabulous colours thinking the raspberry would make new covers for the orange sofa or or or!..hehehe love so many of them


  1. Isn't a wonderful day today! Feels like a gorgeous spring day.

    Happy hunting at the charity shops ... :0)

  2. Look at your blue sky. Get out and enjoy it. Yipee, the windows are open here already this morning. Love to decor, as you can imagine. Heading over to check this out before a walk on the beach. Yes, an early morning walk on the beach.

    Kate - TGB - Beach Bum.

  3. Hey suz

    I might be late at the auction as working later today will try to get there, dont buy it all!!lol xx

    hugs kazx

  4. Love your big flowers. Gorgeous day again here in Shropshire eh? Spring is just round the corner I hope.
    A x