Wednesday 24 March 2010


Been busy this last couple of days......
sanding painting varnishing and polishing with wet and dry x 3!

I did a marbling/paint finishes course a long time ago.......wet and dry is the secret 
brings your paint and varnish finishes into the fabulous silky feel category 
Driven OH mad with oooooh's and aaaaaah's and come feel this it's sooooooooo silky every 5 minutes hehe

The table and butchers trolly feel gorgeous to touch and look just how l want them to look ready for Bakewell Need some baskets to go on the butchers trolly shelves to complete the look

OH did the rough sanding removing all the old scratched varnish then l did the finish.....painting and clear matt varnishing and the wet and dry inbetween
A slightly paler look top and a slightly distress white bottom ready for the move which looks like it's on for Monday12th April...only 2weeks and 5days off

Liking this red green and white look but may do a aqua/blue and white look or a pastel frenzy of beautiful colours?
A different look each day this week......really not sure and depends on what we can afford to do straight away
 I really want an all white kitchen with splashes of colour here and there....but can we afford to re-do the kitchen units? 
Paint would be the cheapest....replacement cabinet doors the next......with around 30 kitchen cupboards might have to wait a while...complete new kitchen definitely out of the question

Next project....
Still need to sand and paint all the chairs but rain put a stop to the out door sanding 
New seating will wait untill we can move in and l can finally decide on the and white stripes or red and white spots or black and white with a little more drama?????
Porch bench....
Our next door neighbours are doing a little remodelling too and  have thrown out something that would make the perfect back to the bench l want for the project watch this space lol


  1. OMG, my fav colour combo's, it looks fab bet you can't wait to move not long to go, how exciting!
    Nicky x

  2. wow!! you have been soooo busy!! Love the table and colour combo!!mmmm........seen that teapot somewhere before, lolx looks great with the white

    have fun, not long now suzxx

  3. Lovely Suz! The new home will just be beautiful.

  4. Thanks all only way we can cope with the last few days is to make things for the new excited now....but we both love a bit of wood to play with too hehehe

  5. 2 weeks and 5 days to go!!! Soon you'll be able to put all your lovely plans into action - oh, its so exciting! I'm excited for you!! Of course, we will all want to see what you finally decide on for each room:-)))

  6. Thanks Elaine don't worry l'll bore you with photos hehe
    Hugs All xx