Tuesday 9 March 2010


Been trying to distract myself from worrying...silly me!

Cut 4 complete sets of letters in different sizes upper and lower case all sorts of projects come to mind for these little gems and the worry was about the new house!

Woke up with a not so nice gut feeling that all was not well!!!...Seems l was wrong so everyone is telling me 
Impatient l am and thing weren't moving as fast as l thought they should be so a few phone calls and everyone assures me we are still looking at about the 11th April for taking possession of Bakewell!!
fingers crossed!!! lol


  1. Oh my Suz, are we worrying just a little too much? tee hee Calm down 'cause it's not good for you. Glad you're keeping yourself busy on other things though.

  2. Hi suz

    Im a worry wart too!!lol it will all get sorted, but its like anything you want it now!! lol, keep ur chin up hun,