Tuesday 30 March 2010


Did the design on Polyvore added the script on Picasa3 printed them out on the home printer and laminated them...works a treat for drinks mats too...oooh next printing project?

But going to do a more long lasting version with thin MDF and a couple of coats of clear varnish..been using a clear matt quick drying varnish from Wilkinson's..fabulous stuff then giving a final polish with very fine wet and dry......for that ooooh aaaaah silky feeling

Think they go well with my charity shop finds last week...definitely must use the table more..looks pretty all laid out for it's photo shoot hehe
Think they work ok.....but l'm ashamed to say we don't use the table as much as we should hoping Bakewell will be different after all this painting and sanding effort!!

Yes it is the middle of the night and l can't sleep l'm just so excited about the move and we are
off to Bakewell at 10.30 this morning to take some measurements and have a last look around before we take possession in...wow!! 14days time

Am l setting myself up for DEEP DEPRESSION if anything goes wrong and we can't complete on the 12th or am l just being a POSITIVE THINKER here? hehehe
l will be 58 (how the hell did that happen?) in June and l feel like a 3 year old in a sweetie shop l'm so excited No hope for me ever growing up now!


  1. With all your positivity, nothing should go wrong...
    I know what you mean about eating around a table, we do make the effort now and I love it...we talk to each other and take time over a meal, rather than mindless stuffing of one's gob..haha!

  2. Great blog, looking forward to seeing more. I'm the same age as you and am still waiting to feel "grown up"!

  3. They are lovely, I think it's good to sit at a table to eat, we try but sometimes the TV wins!