Sunday 7 March 2010


WOW!! Just stumbled across this wallpaper same idea as l had to use some of my die cut circles

All l did was Google...
Piero Fornasetti (November 10, 1913-1988) an Italian painter, sculptor
Because l knew his work and though it would make fab circles for a garland

 so l die cut lots of black and white paper circles for a garland but also though they would make a wonderful wallpaper if l stuck them directly to the wall in the kitchen maybe of the new house!......

didn't know there was a wallpaper already available but look at the price.....gulp!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Good A.M.. my friend Suz.

    Love your black and white diecuts here. Especially, the harlet with the big eyes. These remind me of an artist I follow, who turns her circles into fun treescapes.

    Just in case you don't want to stick them to the actual wall.

    Hope all is still going well with getting moved.

    Kate - The Garden Bell