Thursday 18 March 2010


Really want to hang this portrait of my Mum drawn by my Dad in 1946 when Mum was 21

The original is only a small drawing about 8" square so l had it blown up and framed for their 
50th Wedding Anniversary love the picture and frame
 Found a couple of wallpapers in Focus today that l love too that go with it really well along with a few other things l already own......
like the Chandelier in my shed
a wreath l get out at Christmas but would be good all year
the cushion and the jugs of roses and the lanterns.....

Just need to find a gorgeous cream and gold chair like the collage

Show was ok but nothing really stood out as new or exciting this year


  1. Very cool picture of your mom. And the fact that your dad drew it is really neat. What a treasure!

  2. What a beautiful portrait! It definitely deserves a special place of honor in your home!
    PS..thanks for following my blog..