Friday, 10 December 2010


Seem to have grown a couple of inches in the last few days and bloomed almost overnight
Can you smell them?...beautiful perfume
dec's going up slowly...
l've had one or two comments about my laughing too much on this blog.....not becoming of someone my age l'm told!!!....didn't know there was an age limit to laughter did you?.....

So do you know what l'm going to do?
how sad some people can get hey...sending them an extra hug xx

So l don't forget anything....
Things l need to do over the 25 days leading up to Christmas. Of course, we are already well into December so a bit of fast-tracking with some of the activities for the jobs l've missed!

Week 1: 1st – 7th December
Do a Christmas Budget
Do a general plan – What? Why? Where? When? Who? How?
Confirm invitations for Christmas day – when, where, who, who’s bringing what? Etc.
Christmas shopping for decorations
Put up Christmas tree and do decorations

Week 2: 8th– 14th December
Write your family Christmas letter
Write Christmas cards
Christmas shopping for gifts to be posted
Post Christmas cards, letters and gifts by the end of this week

Week 3: 15th– 21st December
Prepare menu for Christmas day meal
Christmas shopping – remaining gifts
Wrap and hide gifts
Christmas shopping – foods that can be stored
Write and post Christmas cards to the people you forgot!
Do something charitable

Week 4: 22nd – 26th December
What’s your Christmas tradition?
Pre-cook food that can be prepared ahead of time – eg cookies.
Prepare Santa treats and hang stockings
Stuff stockings

Christmas day – have a rough plan for the day and Enjoy!

The Aftermath…

Do thank you letters for gifts received by post
Tidy up and recycle

Prepare a savings plan for next Christmas! lol

Have a fabulous Friday everyone..and laugh a little if not a lot...hugs xx


  1. Looks Good Suz, enjoy your Christmas plans

    Love Judith

  2. Brilliant post!! I think I shall print of the Christmas timetable - then I won't forget something vital. Keep laughing - we love it!!

  3. You go ahead and laugh,,dont they know laughter is the best medicine...Oh I can smell them and lovely it is..and what a great idea of the Christmas timetable..I am wishing you a Merry Christmas..

  4. The world is full of miserable so and so's isn't it? I am home all day most days now - I come here cos you make me smile. Please please please please Carry on laughing!!!!!!!!

    Much love,

  5. Hi Suz, I'm sorry I haven't been commenting much lately. Doesn't mean I'm not looking and not smiling at all that you are doing, though. I love your creative touch and most of all your love of life and laughter! I'm glad you intend to laugh more and not less! You are truly a breath of fresh air and I really appreciate all that you do and share! Hugs to you!

  6. Oh, me, oh, my I can't believe just how organized you are with list and all. We do try here, but as you can imagine my mind tends to wander off track.

    In fact, I've walk right by my flowers this week and haven't made a mental note where they are at. And E-Gads...they probably need some water too.

    Always a treat to pop in and see what your mind is creating. Looking forward to more adventures in the new year.

    Weekend Wishes,

  7. Laugh away!
    A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book. ~Irish Proverb

  8. You just keep laughing and smiling Suz! The world could use a lot more of it. Love your Christmas decorations too. Merry Christmas!

    Hugs XX

  9. Hi Suz. Only just caught up with your blog. Just wanted to say...when I stop laughing then please shoot me. It's what makes the world a good place to be in so keep it up :-) :-) :-)
    A x