Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Hope yopu all had a good Bank Holiday...we had lovely weather for a change.
My Tub of Black Tulips had got blacker and blacker as the grew
Bought them at the Vintage Craft Fair in Bishops Castle
about a month ago...as soon as the sun came out they shot up.
We took a Trip to the Great Orme, Llandudno and Conway castle for our Bank Holiday day out.
The sun shone and the skies were blue but the wind a litttle nippy on top lol
great view out to sea
a new statue since I was last there.
A victorian fair on in Landudno, and we drove round and round eventually giving up, no where to park.
A couple of miles away is Conway, com[plete with a castle and is a walled town. battlements that run around the town
some interesting plaster work on one of the buildings
All in all a great weekend and a lovely day out with friends
a Knight or two hanging around too.
great view from the pub where we had a pint
Some fond memories of Conway and holidays.I still have a blue and white plate on my wall I bought in a Conway Craft shop about 28 years ago.
we'll be back I'm sure.
Only about an hour and three quarters from home, why don't we go more often?
Happy Hooking x

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  1. Beautiful photos, castles just amaze me. I'd love to visit some, and I LOVE those tulips, I have never seen black tulips they are gorgeous.