Wednesday, 8 May 2013

FABULOUS SHARPIE PENS......great for all sorts.

A favourite red white spot Butter Dish had a couple of small chips in it and didn't look great. So I tried a matching SHARPIE PEN and it covered brilliantly and doesn't wash off either.
Tried the same red pen on Phil's coffee mug and it's been through the dish washer too....great pens for all sorts of jobs
some fun projects to try.
Have Fun


  1. Will have to check this site out thanks for sharing. I have so many chips to cover! :)

  2. Really vert beautiful. I like them..:))

  3. Love the butter dishes and what a fabby idea for hiding chips and cracks. Wonder if sharpies can fill in my wrinkles too? ... Sarah x

  4. the polka dots are so sweet! :) as many times as I've had sharpies around here, never thought of that-- what a great idea.