Monday 11 April 2016


Been a bit absent last few days...trying to cram as much into life as possible.

Bit of a catch up....

Making new Mock Waffle scarf to go with my coral coloured Bead n Bezel necklace for 
Yarn day on the 30th April 
Black Sheep Wools Warrington

new flower.... made in bed before getting up this morning
 one of my button centres and extended stitches
 two different yarns one with more body than the other so the petals stand out better
my favourite shade of Lavender Blue

all my hooks ready to go...spent hours looking for my hooks while crocheting so now i drop them and they can easily be found again around my neck
and a little bit of free form....its the beginning of a hat I found in a sample bags over the weekend sort out


  1. Love that waffle stitch in the coral shades - so springlike and pretty! The double-layered lavender flower is so lovely in its opulence! Good idea for your crochet hooks!

    1. Thanks Sandra....its a mock waffle not waffle and so much easier to do too xx

  2. Just love your new lavender flower, gorgeous! mmmmmm wish I could be as creative before I get out of bed!!!! xx

  3. The purple flowers are beautiful! They remind me of anemones. You've made some amazing things since I've been away from all the crochet stuff. Gorgeous Xx

    1. Hi Rachael, long time no speak, so what have you been up too then long time no blogging? Thanks total addict me, cant seem to stop and the work is piling in because of the books lol no peace for the wicked hey? x