Thursday 20 April 2017

Inspirational Colours

I have an Ikea tray in my Kitchen behind the sink it sits....

The new yarn I am working with, Caron Simpy Soft, Aran weight and super soft and not as stretchy as some acrylics this one is more cotton like, has all the colour almost exactly so i will be making a stripy blanket with these shades

What stitch to use?..... 

Poppy's Retreat

Poppy's retreat was a fab experience we had a wonderful time and laughed all weekend the food was plentiful and fabulous, the group wonderful and so much fun
Thanks for asking me Helen and Peter and Poppy of course to be your crochet designer for the 3 day event

Chris a friend and student for the weekend,  modelling my Camper coat at the retreat at....
a fab crochet retreat we had a blast
a riot of colour hey?

As was the weekend we filled the crochet lounge with every colour going 

 Louise and one of the fabulous bowls made by the hubby of one of the group Janet

 some part made motifs 

 Kathryn Middleton..affectionately know as the Duchess  lol

Update: I'm just adding this a fabulous Poppy's motif being made into a blanket by Lorelle, love it


  1. πŸ’—πŸ’—this makes me grin from ear to ear 😊😊

    1. It was a great weekend wasn't it? make me smile to the memories xx

  2. I think it's funny how you used an Ikea tray for color inspiration. I bought a tablecloth from them YEARS ago (and, of course they no longer offer it) that I loved so much I bought two more and made roman blinds for my two living room windows. I am now using them as color inspiration for *my* next blanket! I haven't decided the style of blanket yet as I just finished a HUGE striped blanket for my daughter and I'm pretty much over doing another like it. I'm thinking granny squares or hexagons this time.

    1. Hi Goosefairy, love to see the blanket when its finished, know what you mean with doing a blanket in is enough for a while hey? Love the tray always have and always will so thought it a good inspiration for me, and when i had the exact colours in the Caron, i just had to make one lol xx