Saturday, 22 April 2017

We have the beginnings of a floor....

Patch up of the kitchen floor after wall removal
Looking great this morning Andy!
The Oak Larder Unit arrived yesterday from Cotswold Company a big beastie. 

It holds an enormous amount of stuff too. love it lots. I've cleared away a lot of stuff that's cluttering up the house at the moment. 

for the opposite wall won't arrive until 24th May so it gives us plenty of time to complete all the little jobs, like the new floor....

 First choice would have been to replace the same tiles but we tracked down the company in Spain but no answer so went for a quick option found a similar but lighter colour tile and some mosaics that will fill the space like a rug in the middle of the floor, Andy is doing a fabulous job so far back today to finish off and do c couple of other jobs too
Thanks Andy 
UPDATE: Saturday saw a fabulous floor finished with the skirtings completed too....

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