Wednesday 5 April 2017

KITCHEN UPDATE, Then off to Poppy's Holfirth for a relaxing 3 day Crochet Retreat

Starting to see an end to the dust and piles of furniture and boxes every where...plastering should be completed today second fix for the lights etc and the en suite put back to gather on Friday, while I am enjoying a fab crochet retreat at

....cya soon cant wait.

en suite floor up... 
rotten be removed 

room with a view! lol 

new joists in... 

 first plaster boards going up yesterday after the Electrician sorted the wiring and solved the the fault...more wires left floating in the sockets just cut off and left touching the metal box and causing another fault...who ever wired this house needs shooting 

 ceiling all plaster boarded...just the steel beam to cover with special fireproof plasterboard this morning 

most of the bonding and feathering in of miss matched walls done from the old part of the house to the other side of the wall that was removed a step in it about 2cm!

 new wall where the chrome radiator/ towel rail will go
 wall for the TV and side board will go
new cooker position...although Phil's not happy with drilling a hole for the extractor right under the extractor we might be having a new one that doesn't need a hole he tells me this morning!..some carbon thing that eats smells? no idea about that one lol

Hi Gloss or Shaker Style?
Still can't decide between ultra modern White, hi gloss units with clean sleek lines or 
White Shaker style? White work tops for definite and the island will be charcoal grey like the wall in the lounge with a wooden top. 

Teal sofa so the colours for the room will be teal, blue and aqua, with some lime green maybe.....but shades of blue need to use the sofa we have.

Made a folder of pictures for inspiration....
My Pinterest folder on 


  1. Just going to say. While the white hi gloss may look good. Its a bugger to clean. You can't just wipe one section, you have to clean it all so the shine is cohesive. Well,i would!lol

    1. Hi Aroha, thanks exactly what i keep thinking and i don't want to be cleaning al the time xxx

  2. Hi gloss any colour takes a lot of keeping nice, expect you would rather be crocheting!!

    1. Hi Carol, true and i have thought about all the cleaning myself...not something i want at all lol xxx

  3. Hi Gypsy, thanks and i think they might date in a couple of years time too xxx

  4. You will regret it if you do not have an exhaust fan. The little carbon filters only work for a very short time and there is generally not enough carbon in them to do an efficient job.

    1. Hi Laurie, yes we came to that conclusion too...from research thanks xx