Thursday, 6 December 2018


I'm afraid day 5 wasn't a good crochet day, I managed a few more motif's for the Slipper blanket 
[slipper pattern from my 2nd book, Granny Squares and Shapes]

appointments and sleep got in the way...caught napping in the afternoon, lol
Having found a bag of motifs the same as the front motif from the slippers, i though joining them together a good Advent project

probably more joined together with the sc, ch3 loop, miss a st, sc, repeat, join as you go, than needed now so for the next couple of days i will continue to complete this blanket

only changes are to the 4th round and i've taken out a stitch or two so the top and bottom points are just 2tr, ch3, 2tr.

Aiming for 11 rows x 9 then a border and I'm using 9 colours

1: Dusky pink
2: Burnt orange
3: Rust
4: Yellow
5: Aqua
6: Mid Blue shade
7: Rose pink almost red shade
8: Stone
9: Tan

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