Friday, 24 April 2020

CoronaCal Eye many ideas from one motif?

So many from all around the World have taken part in this CoronaCal, we've covered every continent in the world....i chatted day and night with Hookers who are enjoy this cal and saying how it has got them through the lock in. 

this picture show what can be achieved  from the centre of the eye pattern and join as you go on round 6

its got me through the lock down too.

Still lots more to come to help you with the stress of our times....2020 will be a year we want forget, and I hope you blankets, cushions and throws will be a happy memory of a very frightening and for some a very, very sad time. 

Thinking of you all and your wonderful blankets now emerging from over a month of staying home.
Its been a fantastic stash busting project for all Hookers who have joined the challenge. From total beginners to experienced Hookers.

Lots of variations still to come...but i do hope we soon can get back to something more like normal
Stay Safe, Stay IN and Stay Hooking  xx

or just make the blanket or cushion xx

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