Tuesday 28 April 2020


 Giant Flower Pattern
This large flower is made in Stylecraft Chunky Yarn with a 6mm hook and measures approx. 10"

US Terms in Black, UK Terms in red


In first colour, Make a finger wrap of 3 wraps or ch5, sl st, into a circle

Round 1: continue in first colour, ch2 counts as first dc, (tr), 11dc into circle (11tr), sl st to complete. (12dc) (12tr).

Round 2: attach new colour in any st, sc, (dc), in same st, 2sc, (2dc), in every st, sl st to complete. (24sc) (24dc)

Round 3: attach new colour in any first st of a pair, cluster tog. 4tr sts, (4dtr)
ch2 counts as first part of first tr, (dtr), half make a second tr, (dtr), in the same st,
  two half made tr, (dtr), in second st. cluster tog.
 ch3, repeat in every pair of sts, sl st to complete. (12 cluster petals)

Round 4: attach new colour in and ch sp, ch2 counts as first dc, (tr), 3dc, (tr), in same sp, repeat 4dc, (tr), in every ch sp, sl st to complete. (48sts).
Round 5: attach new colour, in the first st of a group of 4, ch2 counts as first dc, (tr)

 dc in next 3 sts, ch4, dc in next 4sts, ch4 repeat to end, 
 sl st to complete. 
(12 loops)

Round 6: attach new colour in middle sp,
4dc, (tr) into ch loop, ch4, 4dc (tr), into same loop,
sl st into next middle sp,

repeat for all loops

Make as many flowers as you need to decorate your throw and carefully stitch at petal points.

or join as you go in 2 petals at a time.....making a hexagon join


Round 7: Attach background colour of yarn in any petal point, ch8, [side sp], sc [dc], into the next petal point, ch10 [corner sp], ch8 [side sp], sc [dc], into next petal point repeat for all 4 sides and corners, sl st into first st. continue.

(2sides x 8ch sts, 1x 10ch sts for a corner, each side)

Round 8: ch2 counts as first 1dc [1tr], 8dc [8tr] into first ch8 side sp, 6dc [6tr], ch3, 6dc [6tr], into next corner sp, repeat for 2 side sps, and a corner sp x3,  finish with 8dc [8tr], in the last ch8 side sp, sl st into first st. continue

Round 9: ch1, 1sc [1dc], into the first st, 1sc [1dc], into the next 7sts, 1dc [1tr], into the next 6sts, 1dc, [1tr] ch3, 1dc [1tr], into the corner sp, 1dc [1tr], into next 6sts,
1sc [1dc], into the next 9sts, repeat to end, sl st into first st to complete.
(7dc [7tr], ch3, 7dc [7tr], on the corners and 18sc [dc], on the sides)

sew tog. or join as you go in each st.

By changing to the smaller sc [dc] st, on the sides it should make the circle into a reasonably square, square 
with minimal bulging on the sides, with only a small amount of pulling into shape you should have something that is square and ready to join together in a throw.


US Terms, (UK Terms in red
chunky yarn and 6mm hook

ROUND 7: Attach yarn in any ch3 of the 'petal', 6ch sts, sc (dc) in the next ch3 point of the next petal, repeat until you have 12ch loops, sl st to complete.

ROUND 8: 9dc (9tr) into each ch6 loop, sl st, to complete.(108dc, 108tr)

NOTE: Each round can be completed in a different colour or you can pick one colour and make the remainder of the cushion in one colour.

ROUND 9-16: Repeat round 8. (108dc, 108tr)

ROUND 17: 2dctog, (2trtog) dc in next st, repeat to end, sl st, to complete. (71dc, 71tr)
making a smaller opening so less to gather together.....but big enough to add your cushion pad.

ROUND18- 27: 1dc (1tr)in each st, sl st, to complete. (54dc, 54tr)

MAKE A DRAWSTRING with ring ends

Make a finger wrap of 4 wraps.

12sc (12dc)into ring, sl st, to complete

ch about 90sts, long enough to allow a cushion pad through the hole.

Then do 6sc (6dc) into the second st from the hook, one side of the ch cord 
and 6sc (6dc)the other side of the ch cord, sl st to complete.

Weave the drawstring in and out of every two dc on the last round of cushion opening. 

Pull up and tie in a bow.
this method makes for an easy and no sew cushion fastening.

Happy Hooking

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