Thursday, 15 October 2009


Only just over an hour away but we've never been to the Trafford Centre in Manchester before
It's a fantastic place...entered through Debenhams and out to see this 1st shopping centre's go it has the wow factor!
Palm lined malls and a huge glass roof leading to the main 'Dome'
Palm squares to sit in...
Wonderful wooly filled shops to look at....lots of favourite stripy scarves and pom-pom garlands
Knitting needles at the ready...ooops sorry Accessorize l just got to knit my version of these lovelies

Bit of a Disney style cruise..hehe l could almost feel the wind in my hair on board this Liner!!
Same wonderful feelings as my trips to Florida in this beautiful sky painted dome
Dropped in on the Pharohs in Egypt
Early dinner or was it a late lunch?.... in the Orient....from one dragon to another it was delicious

Then off to the APPOLLO for a fantastic girlie Show

back on stage together after 25yrs
Was never a huge fan but remember them well and any woman who gets back on stage after a gap of that long need supporting!! hehe

Looking brill girls loved the sparkles
fab dancers and Colleen's sons Shane and Jake warmed us all up brilliantly to start the show off...
l bet it's brill in their house at Christmas hehe

A Fabulous Loose Woman for sure

Colleen has a really lovely voice
Well done girls for a fantastic evening

Arrived home after midnight and fell into bed happy


  1. Oh wow suz!! looked like it was a fab day and night, bet you are shattered!! Did you manage a trip to CK shop? if you did what did you get??
    lovely photos....never been to the trafford centre but may have to go now,lol


  2. Hi....ooops forgot to add that bit hehe
    beautiful goods and l did go back twice to look but decided l just can't justify her prices...£18 for a simple bag l can make in similar fabric for a couple of pounds but would be minus the CK label!!! skate me hey
    GO GO it's a wonderful photo shoot if nothing else hehe
    Hugs x