Tuesday 13 October 2009


Wonderful trip to Ikea and Boundry on Sunday...thanks Chris...l do miss you!!!...large orange flowers on my list of to-do's for you

Bought lots of red and white fabrics for Christmas going to do red and white Christmas cards and the dining room is fast going all red and white with splashes of pale blue...so made an executive decision it's a red and white Christmas

Also decided l still need to keep my bright colours and white as we moved back into the front sitting room yesterday
Getting cold at night so no good for sitting and watching evening TV in the conservatory 91 degrees in there yesterday but cold as the sun goes down...radiator in there still not connected up...second winter...think we need to get organised!!

Phil cut holes in the shower too hehe
It's been a real problem for a loooooooooooooong time already taken it down once but was worse after...you can have a shower in the kitchen at the same time as the bathroom right now....ooops!..dam nightmare it is....one of those cowboy builders did the bathroom!!

Fingers crossed we can sort it out this time

Off to Manchester tomorrow to see the Nolan Sisters Show.....they released some extra last minute tickets going to take a look at Cath Kidston in store shop too

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