Saturday, 10 October 2009


Lettuce our visiting .5 cat seems to have settled down to joining us all on the sofa in the conservatory in the daytime!!!
Visitor or taking up residence...mmmmmm NO!!
Go home Lettuce l cant afford your huge appetite!!!!

Did l get much done yesterday?.....well no
was thinking about James all morning even rang him at about 12.45.....ooops an over enthusiastic Mummy!!! hehe..he was eating his dinner and asked if l could at least wait till he got back!
Put me in my place
so sulked a bit and got on with the to-do list but only managed.....

Kathryn's bag well some of it!!
started the sock inspired creation
did half the house work
changed the bed and cooked dinner.......Pork chops very tasty

So a bit of work and play and James?...... well he didn't even ring to say he got back so now l just have to wait till he rings me...BUM!!
Not sure if the sock inspired creation will be a very unusual hat or another drawstring bag yet!!


  1. I love all your yarny creations - they look wonderful!

    Pomona x

  2. Thanks many unfinished too..must do a 'I must finish one a week list' many ideas and not enough time!! x