Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Gave it a go this morning learnt a lot in the 1st few rows like the single crochet stitch used can be in both colours! give a sharper line

Loved this bag done in the TAPESTRY CROCHET METHOD....

Gone from the chunky to the fine...not so easy to start with...eyesight going and the light wasn't so good in bed this morning hehe

But l've had to stop playing 'cos the bathroom floor is boards delivered late yesterday so we need to remove the loo and get the floor down

FINGERS CROSSED....the leak seems to have been stopped!

Poor James has a £550 excess on his car to pay.....but he will get a hire car while it's poorly
just what he could have done without 1st month of full pay ans he's got a huge bill!


  1. much money..BUT as long as he is ok...what price if you're safe....

    I love the bag...beautiful colours!xx

  2. Thanks Mel....we don't know yet exactly what it will cost to repair his excess is high l agree..but he has had one or two bumps...typical young male crashed my new car into the back of another car once too...did l hit the roof that day!! lol
    May take me a while to make a bag like that one though need to practise a bit 1st hehe

  3. Hi Suz.......ooohh what a headache you are having this month !! Hope you have a better November, really glad all ok with james. Love the bag too