Saturday 17 October 2009


17 Rows of 17 Ripply hills and 8.5 hours later its the width of the bed with a slight overhang and about a foot short at the moment lol

Using up the yarn fast....ooops! can see me having to buy more yarn to finish it

so addictive l cant put it down!!!
Multiples of 12 stitches....start with 5 treble crochet then *3 treble (basic increase....peak of ripple) into next chain stitch then 4 trebles into next 4 chain then half treble into next 3 chain retaining loops on hook then draw last loop through all 4 loops on hook (basic decrease...hollow) then 4 trebles into next 4 chain* and repeat
basically a 3 treble increase and 3 treble decrease with 4 treble between..very basic single row pattern....with 3 chain and 4 treble (equal to 5 treble) to start and 6 treble with the last 2 done as a decrease (equal to 5 treble) to end the row.........
this will keep the edge straight instead of stepped

started with 205 stitches and double strand DK or Chunky and used an 6mm hook


  1. Hi Suz,

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! Looks very addictive but looking fab.....keep up the great work!! have good weekend


  2. lovely colours, i am doing a ripple blanket as well so addictive!!

  3. Hi probs its a gorgeous broach....

    Thanks Artystitches any pics and what patten are you using?

    Hugs to both xx