Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Finished the ripple cushion added it to the already part made cushions and Brupbrup my best cushions tester gave them the OK watched the last 2 episodes of James' favourite TV programme he left me...another 2 hours was a mini series and we had to download DivX onto the laptop so we could watch it 1st......

Then the phone call about 10pm to ruin a great weekend....
'We're all ok'.....said the voice!...'Oh no what's happened said l?'.....

An accident on the motorway so they had to take a detour and James hit a slippery corner had no control over the car he said it was just like hitting an ice patch and ended up in a 4' ditch!!!!!!

4x4 was passing and pulled them out and said he'd pulled a few of his friends out of this ditch
so they limped back to camp with a very sick car!!

Cars can be fixed you are all OK...was the only thing in my mind
So today will be insurance companies and sorting out how when and where for his car!!!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness....the fright of it all....one of those phone calls that makes you go all lightheaded....thank goodness they are ok..:>)

    Cute cat pics, your kitty looks like a big version of my Pickle!
    Who is at the mo curling round my legs!xx

  2. Oh no!! What a worry for you suz, Thank goodness all were ok, cars can be replaced like you say, Main thing is that they all managed to get out. Sending some TLC and (((hugs)))

  3. Thanks both like l said to him nothing you can do now just deal with the inconvenience!!.....and cost! xx

  4. Gosh sorry to hear about that. Sounds very scary.


  5. Hang in there. Sure hope you recover from the nerves quickly. Yes, cars can be replaced, but others can't.

  6. Thanks both poor love 1st month of full pay too after training for 6 months and he's got a huge bill in the excess but the boys were all ok that's the important thing xx