Thursday, 22 October 2009


Only 4 colours but l'd run out of the beige and couldn't remember where l'd got it from ooops!
Was ROBIN DK Acrylic and I found a ball in the tiny wool shop in town
so made great head way this morning so not far off finished
Added a bit of a do l go back to straight again and do the draw string or do a strap and open top?
What do you think K?
A pressie for me! xx

Another friend gave me a beautiful recycled felted cream flower last night and l absolutely adore of my favourite colours......thank you so much Kaz making something special for this little this space!!! lol

You can't have it Kathryn HEHEHE.......its all mine but I will make something similar for your bag because it does look lovely on your bag?

Had a couple of days of not feeling quite well myself!!....ok this morning though

Maybe l came out in sympathy with the very sick bathroom!!!.....pipe work all sorted now.....but the shower cubicle was still leaking from the one corner........gggggggrrrrrrrrrrr said Pmacs
Been a real problem for a couple of years now and we decided the tiled floor had just got to come up......and that's the 'royal we' Pmacs did it all l just pushed a couple of bits of pipe..hehe

He removed all the sealer and resealed it all last night now we have to wait and see!!
Then we're going to lay new floor boards and a new floor covering.....something we can lift easily if needs be!
Thought RUBBER maybe for the new floor covering!


  1. Hi Suz.....the brooch looks fab on the bag!! glad you like it, good to see you .....looks like you are very busy with the bathroom, what a headache for you!! will look in later, fingers crossed for you it gets fixed!!


  2. Phil just had a shower and lm going now fingers crossed no drips so far!!!
    Sent you a link to Ravelry andthe felted flowers and Abakhan for yarn
    hugs cya soon

  3. Great bag. It reminds me of a Lemonade Stand in the springtime. The added flower is the crowning touch.

    Little nervous as I see that bath. We are heading in that direction in a couple of weeks. icksssss. Can't wait to see it all back together, keep us posted.

  4. Hi Garden Bell....dam nightmare walked into the spare bedroom to find a horrible long line of wet!!! Another flippin leak to deal with never rains but it pours hey!!
    At least the shower seems OK now..just got to re board the floor and lay a covering!!
    Good luck with your bathroom when you get to it
    Thanks the bag is for a friend and she's happy too xx

  5. Thanks Thrifty Mrs....friend cant wait for me to finish it so l think she is happy x