Wednesday 7 October 2009


Managed my 1st 3 red white and blue 6" squares for the 'KNITTING FOR HEROES' Giant flag and creative knitting exhibition next June.....PLEASE HELP IF YOU the link and join the Ravelry Group or contact Ali via the Union Jack Flag link at the side

Been making lots of Union Jack flag badges and hanging bunting for the shed and house
Needed to trim the poles on the awning and check it was dry for the winter just fits on our small lawn
Never put up the inner sleeping quarters so tried it out...then asked friends at a brill dinner last night...thanks Dave and join us on a weekend or two next year...Alison thought it a great idea Dave never said anything hehehe..... fun fun fun
Second coat on the 2 shelf units l made last week and the peg rail...fingers crossed they will be up by the end of today


  1. Hey been busy again!! Love the union jacks!! The peg rails are just gorgeous, may see ya later at auction


  2. You will Kaz
    Peg rails are cheap shelf unit fro Ikea and added a peg rail to the back the knobs are a pack from Ikea too
    What would we do with out Ikea hey!!! hehe
    cya later

    hugs x