Monday, 18 January 2010


With the good fortune 2010 has brought we have a bit more cash to play with so these are the next 4 possibles
1 The house in my home town close to a lake l used to walk the dog around every day
4bedrooms but no idea what it looks like inside yet no pictures but the cheapest of all and a house style l always liked and l know the area and its good corner plot so worth a look even though Phil would still have to travel to work about 10 miles..not bad!

2 The Bungalow almost the same as the one that ticked all the boxes but a lot more money but the next cheapest again 4 bedrooms but only a loo down stairs not a full bathroom like the other bungalow but it has the garage double drive and carport for Phil...lovely village and only 5 miles from work for Phil..need some work to update new kitchen decorating etc

3 In Shrewsbury so a lot more money with a double garage for Phil 4 bedrooms but would need a change of decor...not our taste but liveable with and only decoration l think couple of miles from Phil's work but on the edge of town and an area James was very happy with!!

4 Gorgeous kitchen definitely our taste very modern but again expensive being in Shrewsbury immaculate garden only 3 bedrooms garage but a wide drive that we want and again a couple of miles from Phil's work and James is happy with the area

What do you all think? Let you all know more when we have viewed them all if it was just me to consider from what l know so far it would be the house in my home town l think lol but others to think off and l might hate it inside when l see it so watch this space hehehe


  1. Ohhhhh, how exciting! Looking forward to seeing and hearing more!

  2. That is really exciting Suz! The house in your hometown sounds great especially the lake part. Can't wait to hear more on all the places.

  3. Thanks both and as usual the home town house has an offer on it already!!! Phil wasn't so keen on that one so maybe not to be again hehe
    Viewings tomorrow so let you know what happens xx