Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Remember this leak....2nd bedroom ceiling well it's all repaired and no one would ever know we had a burst pipe...fabulous product SMOOTH OVER use it all the time to get perfect walls and ceiling
Moved the furniture around in the 2nd bedroom too....looks more spacious

I'm a bit of a furniture mover l'm afraid and all the furniture has been swapped around from room to room to give different looks over the last 5 years lol

OUR BEDROOM AND THE ORANGE SOFA a couple of years back totally different now hehehe

l would like the orange sofas back in the front room and the small but heavy sofa into to conservatory...but Phil has refused hehehe
he said "When this sofa goes it goes to another house not another room!!!"

He thought l was mad one day when we got up and l asked him to cut the dinning room table in half hehehe.....huge 10 seat table and we never used it
now its small square and used!!

The other half made a work bench in the original craft room l had...that will make a study for selling and the leaf from the middle made part of the fireplace we built before Christmas so nothing went to waste hehehe

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