Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Spent yesterday morning house hunting on the laptop and the afternoon viewing!!...lol don't you just LOVE looking at property hehe

All that EXCITING potential.....Looked at a small town called Wem a bungalow and a cottage
Closer to OH's work but unfortunately not close enough we did the journey back to test the milage..shame 'cos l quite liked Wem

Cant find a photo of the bungalow from yesterday seems to have disappeared!!
Bungalow had wonderful potential but was over priced for all the work needed....nothing we couldn't have done but a lot to do....

Almost all the ceilings covered in polystyrene tiles..illegal!!
the garage was a wreck and made of asbestos....costly to have removed
All the wallpapers coming off the walls and all the carpets a mess....no idea what you might find under the loose wallpapers and ceiling tiles!!...a lot of plastering a possibility
But a fabulously sunny home with lots of space and a great size with a big garden and loadsa space for Noo Noo....

Cottage gorgeous loved it loved the space loved the open fireplace and the open plan rooms bedrooms ok

BUT....after stepping inside and ooooohing and arrrrhing the agent dropped the bomb shell the gate and the drive which look like they belong (in fact did originally) were shared and the carport and side entrance had been sold to the neighbouring house!!!!!!

Couldn't believe the insanity of that one...she agreed and said it's why they can't sell it everyone says the same thing....perfect cottage useless to us with out the drive and car parking space..the main reason for moving!!
big mistake....wouldn't you think the gate and drive belonged to the cottage?..ggggrrrrr

BOMERE HEATH......the next village to try.....
only about 4 miles from Shrewsbury perfect!.....Todays veiwing fingers crossed just waiting for the agents to open...another bungalow
Love looking at property so yesterday was a FUN DAY and at least we now know Wem is not a viable option...fingers crossed for Bomere Heath!

Moving on is a simple thing, what's left behind is hard!
hope you'll enjoy the house hunt journey too


  1. As I was born in and my parents still live in Llangollen I know the area reasonably well...very nice, lovely shopping in Shrewsbury. Good Luck!!

  2. Lots of luck with your house-hunting. Lovely blog... :0)

    Shirl x

  3. Thanks started to snow so put off any viewings today see what it's like again tomorrow but one or two to look at exciting!!

    Thanks Shirl
    Hugs Both xx

  4. I know nothing about the property in the UK as I live in the states but,I sold property here in the states for 10 years. I love to look at property too. It's not what you see on the surface but what's underneath that really matters. The outside is easily fixed. Hope you find just what you're looking for!

  5. I agree, the cottage looks lovely, but what a crazy situation. Happy house hunting! Ros

  6. Thanks both...agree with that worst house on the best street Barbara

    Spoilt a fabulous cottage Ros

    Hugs Both xx