Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Must take all the decorations down today don't really want to take the snow flakes down from the bedroom window though when the sun shines they send little spots of light around the room and look so pretty


  1. Took mine down last night, go on do it. I like the snowflakes it is going to be difficult to take them down. Happy virtual househunting.
    Nicky x

  2. Lovely snowflakes, pretty piccies ... :0)

  3. I think I'd leave the snow flakes up while you've still got snow....

  4. Your snow looks so much better than our.... but wait... we are due for 10 more today...icks.

    Now about those purple glasses. I'm off to read more. I love them and want

  5. Your snow looks very similar to mine and we're continents apart! I too have to take all the decorations down today. It's still Winter isn't it? Leave the snowflakes, that's my vote!

  6. hi all....oooops l played all day and just looked at the decorations hehe
    Tried a couplr of stitches from the new books for a monthly swap l do
    so ALL the decorations are STILL UP!!
    Hope you all had as much fun today as l did
    Kate the purple glasses were only cheapy ones and the last pair of 1.75's they are soo hard to find or l would have sent you a
    Hugs all xx

  7. Leave the snowflakes up they look so very pretty with the scenery. Make them your winter decorating.

  8. Was tempted but took all the dec's down yesterday...aaaaaaawwwwhhh!!
    Hugs XX