Sunday, 3 January 2010


Unfortunately it wasn't the planned and important sorting but this was much more fun...just need to finish adding the numbers and print and cut.....
The hard bit was deciding which photographs to use out of the couple of thousand l've taken over the last year!!
Already 12.30 gone and l'm still in bed playing and Phil just remembered its over 20 years today since his Mum died today so we are going to see if the grave is ok and add some flowers

Yesterday is HISTORY
Tomorrow is a MYSTERY
Today is a GIFT
That's why it's called the 'PRESENT'


  1. Thank you so much for the link to the tutorial! Looks like you're right on top of the organization thing. I myself have started cleaning out a small room so that I can turn it into a craft/sewing room. I'm disabled so this could take awhile lol. Love your daily tabs. You have such a wonderful way of putting colors together.

  2. You truly picked some of the best pictures of the year. I haven't figured out where the tutorial is yet or how you added the words and number. But, I can't stop looking at the colors long enought to go search.

    Keepem' coming.

    Kate - The Garden Bell

  3. Thanks Barbara good luck with the craft room one of the books l bought after Christmas is organising your craft a shed at the bottom of the garden but still need painting and l'm too snug in the house to venture to the garden at the mo hehe
    Hugs xx

    Hi Kate...the tutorial was for something else but the words and numbers are Picasa 3..a free Google download..its what l use for my scrapbooking and all the photo sharing l do on and easy to use..some of your water drop photographs done as a multi shot sheet would look amazing..give it a go
    Hugs xx

  4. Love your spin on the calendar, bright and cheery. 3 blogs in one day your keen Missy!
    Looks like you are going to have a very productive year at the rate your going.
    Back at work today,:( and I woke up at 5.30 am today so have got lots done. Am trying to find a crochet pattern for 8 100g balls of Patons 4ply ideas welcome!
    Have a lovely day.
    Nicky x

  5. Oh this Yesterday//Tomorrow/Today Phrase made my day today. Thanks for sharing! :)
    Your calendar looks absolutely lovely. So colorful, so positive!

  6. Have just bounced over here from Jude's blog and wanted to say what a delightful quote that is that the bottom of your post! :O)

  7. Hello there! Just discovered your blog. Such pretty crochet and gorgeous colours. Methinks I'll be calling in again. Ros

  8. hi all thanks sooo much for dropping by and adding such lovely comments

    Snow on its way here so the forecast says! arrived yet though lol
    hope you all have a wonderful day where ever you are and what ever you are into...happy crafting hugs xx

  9. I just found you via Ravelry Attic 24 group! Just love all the gorgeous colours you have been using. The Colourmart yarn looks like a real bargain. Did you buy it on eBay? I need another holiday to go back through your blog!

  10. Hi lucky me the unit is local so l just go and route around hehe
    Hope you pop by again and pleaased you like the colours
    Hugs Suz xx