Friday, 10 September 2010


After several cuppa's l played some more....all only taped up at the mo will live with them for a few days see what Phil thinks and then decide on none one or a mix of all!!
Any comments warmly welcomed only a temporary solution to the black splash backs....just for a few months l hope depends on the window/door cost
What do you all think?....
before l started l added the pink and pale green plates to the shelf?

then l found the roll of bead board and got cutting.....

also found a small piece of wallpaper tiles in mostly white that could work too..remember it's only a temporary solution
just need some trim to make it look like it's real wood...l'm sure there will be something in the garage hehe!
works for me
then l found some plastic screen squares and l've seen them mounted on black as wall art and thought they looked interesting so why not as a splash back?...
again need a trim to make them look their best but l think they work too..lighten the black considerably
wallpaper tiles look good too?
birds and butterflies the same as one of the fabrics l've used to cover the chairs..what a coincidence?
hehehe or use all three options?
oh and l tried a strip under the shelf too...loving this bead board wallpaper 
so who votes for the bead board hehe...ME!!
Kate did you mean the big flower one or the little drawing?
big one is one of mine made from wallpaper off cuts and the small drawing is one my Dad did of himself as a caricature  when he was in his 20's a cherished drawing waiting to be framed...

off to have a bath and ponder on the mornings playtime
hugs all xx


  1. Where do you find all your energy? Let me know cos I want some :-)
    I could live with any of your options Suz....sorry I'm no help am I? :-)
    A x

  2. I love the pink and green on the shelves, lovely.
    I'd go with the beadboard if I were you, it's a great effect.

  3. That's the one. Don't tell me you made this. So in love with it. Keeper for sure.

    What a toss up on the b/w, I'm going to have to pop in and out before I make my pick. Hard choice... but so far it's the one in the middle... maybe the one on the right.... step away, come back and take another look. Do you want it to pop or blend... This will be a fun one to think about over the weekend.

  4. Noticed the lovely tray behind the sink area. You are in pattern heaven.