Thursday, 16 September 2010


He's taking delivery of a new baby....mmmmm not sure myself but hey ho it's one of the reasons we moved
 to Bakewell and that l am very very happy about
 he's taking me for an Ikea fix after the delivery so 
ONE HAPPY BUNNY here...we need some new glasses and l'm sure a few other bits an bobs will find their way into my trolly!
like these industrial type lights for the wall in the lounge may be?

Never need an excuse to go to Ikea but l feel the need of a little break from decorating....was really hard work getting the glass clean yesterday on the double doors and we still have to do it all again on the other set!!!

as l lay on the sofa last night wrapped in a blanket admiring the handy work hehehe...and watching a film the glass was sooooooooooooo shiny l could watch TV in it hehe

sooooooo loving all the changes we are making to Bakewell l'm drooling a bit

It's not always been an easy passage with past decorating but this time l feel l've really found my groove
cya later all
off to Ikea asap.....wonder what Phil will call the new baby?
have a fab day xx


  1. its a boy and his name is bertie,
    he looks a bit allsorts at the mo.
    love you lots xxxxx.

  2. Loved to wander around IKEA when I lived in the UK. So will head there in Nov when I am back in Blighty. Enjoy your shopping trip

  3. New baby? Hope we get a show and tell :-) Have fun at Ikea.
    A x

  4. Well, my goodness, Suz, you've been so busy lately! And all your hard work is making your place just beautiful. Wow!!

    No Ikea around my neck of the woods, yet, but soon. I hear they are building one about 1/2 hour's drive from where we live.

    A new baby?! Not sure how that fits in, but congrats?!

  5. don't forget to visit the food shop for 'bilar' and princess torte!