Sunday, 19 September 2010


Definite nip in the air this morning....and a distinct smell of vinegar too hehehe
A blog l follow  A BEACH COTTAGE....Sarah is trying the 
APPLE CIDER VINEGAR  skin treatment 
so giving it a go ONLY 69p a bottle l'll try anything once
Supposed to be real great for your skin...balances ph levels so your skin can cope with anything...might try it on my chips too hehe...only joking chips are out for now..salads then!

Thanks for another great afternoon K&N chat girls and l slept the headache off from 6.30 until 6 this morning.......marathon hey?..had a couple of bathroom breaks too hehehe
Feeling back to normal again though so l must have needed the rest!

With feeling a bit off l bought some healthy nibbles so no more chocolate and cakes for a while!
and the dishes 3 items and get one free so one of these dishes was a freebie!!
perfect for the healthy stuff....and just a couple of mixed handfuls a day
going to try this too....Butternut Squash....never had any before

adding a lot more low GI foods to diet too see if l can't shift a few lbs but more to feel less tired

for some more exercise and walking to the local shop instead of taking the car!!!!!

l've noticed how sad the front borders are looking now
 so may try to plant some winter plants and l have a couple of packs of bulbs to go in too 
ready for next favourite time of year
I've stocked up as l'm starting to light tea lights at night with the nights drawing in a bit

ooops the Epedit units still in their boxes in the these cube units..needed them for the craft room
Need to try and do some painting today as well
bought a Lavender plant yesterday it looks lovely on the mantle
and l found 6 pale green Coca Cola glasses in  charity shop too
perfect l wanted some pale green glasses and love the logo on!

Have a super Sunday everyone
hugs xx


  1. Hi Suz,

    Lovely post.
    I love the Lavender plant on the mantle, and the vase thingy it's in.
    It all looks very cosy.

    Have a great Sunday.


  2. So glad you had a good catch up on your sleep Suz. It was obviously what you needed. We got very cold at the party last night so I'm suffering big time with my arthritis today but I'm still trying to lesson the mountain of army jackets needing labelling today....the to do pile is till much bigger than the done pile yet :-(
    A x

  3. I've been looking back over you last few posts. You've achieved so much in a such short time, it's no wonder you needed a rest! It all looks lovely. Can't wait to see the new sofa and chair in situ.

  4. Wow, you are always on the go, go, go, it's no wonder you needed a bit of a rest. Glad you took it and are feeling better. I just might like to eat healthier if I could conjure up a pretty presentation like you have there. Your fireplace looks fabulous!!

  5. Glad you are feeling a bit better - you just looked like you needed a good sleep!! Keep cosy and look after yourself -x Jo

  6. hi Suz!
    i love your house! the lavender plant is beautiful!

    -Taylor :)

  7. I love butternut squash - I roast mine and either eat it like that or whizz it up with a little stock to make soup. :)

  8. Butternut squash is oh so lovely!!

  9. Hi Suz-

    What a delgihtful blog you have. I am so glad you left me a comment and I could find you. I also want to thank-you for the feature of my tissue paper art and the very nice words :). I read where you are trying to eat heathier food lower on thre GI index. We grow butternut squash and use them instead of pumpkins to make pumpkin pie. I also love to make soup with it. It is delicious and makes a perfect fall meal. The hardest thing about butternut squash is it is hard to get the outer skin off. Takes a really sharp knife.
    My best- Diane