Friday, 10 September 2010


And then played with the pink and green from the fabrics for the accents....l've used two look alike
 Cath Kidston fabrics and hung the CK heart garland and added the green and pink dinner ware
Also have enough fabric to make a table cloth in the left hand fabric and another in pale green oil cloth that was used on the garden table easy clean good idea with Phil hehehe
 I can also leave the table with just mats in all sorts of colours and patterns!
Did try the 2 Ikea Chairs in the new area and we might like them there when the window is a French door but right now it felt uncomfortable sitting with the window so high

also tried the low white units there too...

but where to put all the other furniture so table and chairs it was and l'm happy with that for now
hehehe even toyed with the idea of putting the table and chairs in the lounge 
and making the new room and old dinning room (open plan with doors to close in the winter if you want)
 as the sunnier and therefore warmer back of the house
Phil at this point thought l had lost it completely!! haha

Now what to do with the remaining black splash backs????? 
Loving the kitchen unit move feels like it has always been there and as yet it's cost nothing 
only our time but if we have the window/back door changed there will be no spare cash left...... 
so what l do with the kitchen for now??
 Has got to be with what l have already thinking bead board wallpaper...a couple of rolls up stairs....

I may cut a few pieces and tape them up for now to see 
or  l may....
cut lots of different light papers laminate them and add like tiles...done  that before with great success

tiles?...white boards?... bead board? favourite...decisions to make now!

I would have BEAD BOARD 
in fact l'd like white painted wood panelling every where the look
 Phil isn't very keen he prefer's a modern look...not so keen on the vintage details that l like

Might just put some up and hope it grows on just a few places here and there like as a splash back and under the shelf in the new room...oooh and behind the bed too hehehe
you understand l'm sure hahaha
 Have a great weekend everyone
Cya at 2pm tomorrow for the Knit and Natter girls
Hugs xx 


  1. Where do you get your energy from? You are an amazing woman!
    I love the new chair seats. Mine need doing but wouldn't look as professional.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. very nice,gives a clean crisp presence..thanks...

  3. Puuuuuuuuurrrrr-fect. Now, about that picture on the wall... love it... closer please...

  4. So many options and all beautiful. Sorry but can't get to K & N this week....We are visiting care homes to pick the best for neighbour because when her diagnosis is confirmed she won't be able to stay where she is.....that is if they don't send her home!!Madness reigns when it comes to the care of the elderly!!
    A x