Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Couldn't wait to get started on the new wood panelled wall......wainscot panelling is the official title hehe
posh hey? lol
BLT for breakfast to keep me going and the 1st coat of paint was on in an hour and a half...lots of little edges to paint there!!
nerves kicked in...had we done the right thing.....were we going to like it when it was finished......you know how it is when you try something different?
Phil added an extra layer of wood strip like a picture frame to make the square more chunky...works for me!
added the decorative panels..Phil says take them down hehehe he doesn't like them but l don't know and l so want to use them some where hehehe...we'll see
While he did the chunking l tried to remove the frosting film from the double doors...
mmmm over an hour later l'd got the film off but not the glue that held the leading on....decided that 8 panes will be bead boarded and 8 will have the film removed...going to take a while though...
need something stronger than we have to remove the thick glue line...but will be worth it we think looks so much better than the nasty fake leading...then back to the filling and painting again
mmmm dead impressed loving it now the chunking has been done hehehe
filled every tiny crack and fault and finished at 1.00pm
now to let it all dry and then we can do the painting propa!!!
What do you think so far?

closer detail but the clock will hide the middle section...can't wait for Christmas it will be a great back drop for decorations!!

one of the new silvered vases and the candlestick l made from a bit of old wood we had in a job lot from the auction look great on the new mantle hehe
l'm real chuffed so far
hugs All xx


  1. Too right! Totally miserable day - watching the rain sweeping across the hills up here! Your room will look brill - how nice that you both can work together to create your little work of art!!

  2. I'm not surprised youre pleased with it. I love it :-)
    A x

  3. It looks fab!
    I know what you mean about the weather, it's awful. Just stopped raining here for the 1st time all day.
    Love your new header.

  4. We hear about the rains of the U.K., but now I have a better understanding. It just means you get busy and create over there. I can't believe how fast you work.

    We have a product at the hardware store called Goo-Gone, which would take that stickie stuff right off. Have a look on your next visit.

    Love all the white and can't wait to see your touches of color added.


  5. I can tell. It's all going to look absolutely fantastic!

  6. Now that is what you call remodeling . It is just beautiful.I like the glass doors both ways clear & frosted.