Thursday, 9 September 2010


I've moved almost every piece of furniture in the house trying to decide what should go where we've sat and had coffee and thought and discussed both had enough now so this is what it's going to be for now....

For nowlong shelf and big mirror on the new cleared wall table and chairs in the new space and the 2 comfy chairs in the old dining room side board in the conservatory still to be sorted with the old sofaand the low white units into the old dining room and  l've gone with splashes of red in the kitchen and green mostly in the old dining room!....too knackered to think any more 
so off to eat something have a quite sit down and make a sock lol

no where near as much energy today as yesterday...really feel like gong back to bed......but Lettuce and Brup Brup seem to be in residence..they couldn't cope with all the moving around and hoovering up hehe


  1. It's been way too long since I popped in. Just look at all you have been up too. I adore that big round mirror. What a statement and oh how it make the room seem so much bigger. You really have the eye. Off to have more of a peek around.


  2. Suz, you have such a knack for color and arranging things. You really could be an interior designer! Love how the house is looking. Thanks for your help on the collage.

    Hugs XX